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    簡要描述:Invitrogen反轉錄酶III貨號:18080-044規格:10000units英文名稱:SuperScript III Reverse Transcriptase品牌:Invitrogen原裝






    英文名稱:SuperScript III Reverse Transcriptase


    SuperScript® III Reverse Transcriptase (RT) is a proprietary mutant of SuperScript® II RT that is active at 50°C and has a half-life of 220 minutes, providing increased specificity with Gene-Specific Primers (GSPs) and the highest cDNA yield of all RTs. It is ideal for RT-PCR of a specific gene or generating cDNA from total or poly (A)+ RNA sample. Like SuperScript® II, it synthesizes a complementary DNA strand from single-stranded RNA, DNA, or an RNA:DNA hybrid. SuperScript® III RT is genetically engineered by the introduction of point mutations that increase half-life, reduce RNase activity, and increase thermal stability.

    • Thermostability – Half life of 220 minutes at 50°C
    • Yield – Reduced RNase H activity for more full-length cDNA
    • Specificity – Full activity at 50°C for increased specificity with Gene Specific Primers
    • Applications – Array labeling, cDNA libraries, RT-PCR, primer extension, and 3´ and 5´ RACE

    Source: Purified from E. coli expressing the pol gene of M-MLV (1, 2), mutagenized to increase thermal stability and half life and reduce RNase H activity.

    Performance and Quality Testing: SDS-PAGE purity; endodeoxyribonuclease, exodeoxyribonuclease, and ribonuclease assays (Figure 2) and yield and length of cDNA product.

    Unit Definition: One unit of SuperScript® III RT is the amount of enzyme required to incorporate 1 nmole of deoxyribonucleotide into acid-precipitable material in 10 min. at 37°C using poly(A)•oligo(dT)12-18 as a template•primer (3).

    Unit Reaction Conditions: 50 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.3), 40 mM KCl, 6 mM MgCl2, 1 mM DTT, 0.5 mM [3H]dTTP, 0.1 mM poly(A), 0.1 mM oligo(dT)12-18, 0.1 mg/ml BSA, and enzyme in 50 µl for 10 min. at 37°C.


    Optimal Reaction Temperature: 50° C
    Final Product Size(s): 12.3 kb or less
    Reverse Transcriptase: SuperScript® III
    Ribonuclease H Activity: Reduced
    Form: Frozen
    Format: Tube(s)
    Quantity: 10,000 units
    Template: ssRNA
    Sensitivity: Medium
    Product Size: 10,000 units
    Concentration: 200 U⁄µl
    Enzyme Function: RNA dependent DNA Polymerase
    Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
    Number of Reactions: 50 Reactions



    產品 貨號 *
    反轉錄酶III Invitrogen試劑 18080-044 2000
    MMLV逆轉錄酶 Promega試劑 M1701 220
    反轉錄酶系統試劑盒 Promega試劑 A3500 2755



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