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    簡要描述:12800-017DMEM高糖培養基英文名稱:DMEM, Powder, High Glucose, Pyruvate規格:10 x 1 L性狀:干粉培養基貨號:12800-017






    英文名稱:DMEM, Powder, High Glucose, Pyruvate
    規格:10 x 1 L


    Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium (DMEM) is a widely used basal medium for supporting the growth of many different mammalian cells. Cells successfully cultured in DMEM include primary fibroblasts, neurons, glial cells, HUVECs, and smooth muscle cells, as well as cell lines such as HeLa, 293, Cos-7, and PC-12. Life Technologies offers a variety of Gibco® DMEM modifications for a range of cell culture applications. Find the right formulation using themedia selector tool.

    This DMEM is modified as follows:

    With Without
    • High Glucose • HEPES
    • L-glutamine • Sodium Bicarbonate
    • Phenol Red  
    • Sodium Pyruvate  

    The complete formulation is available.

    DMEM is unique from other media as it contains 4 times the concentration of amino acids and vitamins than the original Eagle's Minimal Essential Medium. DMEM was originally formulated with low glucose (1 g/L) and sodium pyruvate, but is often used with higher glucose levels, with or without sodium pyruvate.

    Product Intended Use
    For in vitro diagnostic use. CAUTION: Not for human or animal therapeutic use. Uses other than the intended use may be a violation of local law.

    cGMP Manufacturing and Quality System
    Gibco® DMEM is manufactured at a cGMP compliant facility, located in Grand Island, New York. The facility is registered with the FDA as a medical device manufacturer and is certified to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards. For supply chain continuity, Life Technologies offers a comparable Gibco® DMEM product made in our Scotland facility (12800-116). This facility is registered with the FDA as a medical device manufacturer and is certified to the ISO 13485 standard.

    DMEM contains no proteins, lipids, or growth factors. Therefore, DMEM requires supplementation, commonly with 10% Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS). DMEM uses a sodium bicarbonate buffer system (3.7 g/L) and therefore requires a 5-10% CO2 environment to maintain physiological pH.

    Powder forms of Gibco® cell culture medium require sodium bicarbonate supplementation, pH adjustment, and filtration at the time of preparation (see protocol for details).


    Glutamine: L-Glutamine
    Phenol Red Indicator: Phenol Red
    Form: Powder
    Glucose: High Glucose
    Serum Supplementation: Standard Serum Supplementation
    HEPES Buffer: No HEPES
    Sodium Pyruvate Additive: Sodium Pyruvate
    Product Size: 10 x 1 L
    Sodium Bicarbonate Buffer: No Sodium Bicarbonate
    Shipping Condition: Room Temperature


    12800 - DMEM, powder, high glucose, pyruvate


    產品 規格 *
    DMEM高糖培養基Gibco12100-046 10x1L 320
    RPMI1640培養基Gibco31800-022 10x1L 290
    DMEM高糖培養基(含丙酮酸鈉)Gibco12800-017 10x1L 300
    DMEM低糖培養基(含丙酮酸鈉)Gibco31600-034 10x1L 300
    IMDM培養基Gibco12200-036 10x1L 750
    M199培養基Gibco31100-035 10x1L 360
    DMEM/F12培養基Gibco12400-024 10x1L 500
    F12培養基Gibco21700-075 10x1L 450
    MEM培養基Gibco41500-034 10x1L 360



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